Reclaimed Timber

Country Wood Works offers two types of Hand Hewn Timbers.

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The first type we have is 100-plus year old, true reclaimed hand hewn timbers. These come in a variety of sizes and lengths. We try to pull as close to the sizes as requested, but they can vary up to +\- 1”. We personally hand-select the timbers we believe will be best suited for your project. Our reclaimed timbers are treated for pests to avoid an infestation of your residence. These timbers will come with a natural patina. They can be wire brushed or pressure washed for a softer look if so desired. 

We also offer a faux reclaimed timber that is hand hewn, distressed, and finished to mimic the original patina and craftsmanship. 

What are the benefits of faux reclaimed timber?

  1. Consistent Sizing: these timbers are advantageous because we can get exact sizes desired. 

  2. Color Matching: we can alter the color to clients desire. Our finishers do an amazing job; it is actually difficult to tell these are not authentic reclaimed timbers.

  3. Structurally Sound: faux timbers can also achieve an exterior structural rating where true reclaimed timbers cannot.

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